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DOOM Arcade Mode has arrived: three things to know

The Arcade Mode Bethesda promised for DOOM has arrived, and you can download it now if you haven’t already. There’s a lot to like about this DLC, and it helps flesh what was otherwise a good but not perfect rendition of the classic title. For those unaware, this is Free Update 4 — it also brings a pair of new … Continue reading

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Watch Samsung VR’s first scripted series this weekend

Assuming you still have a phone to slot into your Gear VR, you'll have something new to watch this weekend. Invisible is the first scripted series on the Samsung VR platform, and is helmed by Edge of Tomorrow and The Bourne Identity director, Doug Li...

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Google Pixel survives 30 minutes fully submerged in water

The Google Pixel isn’t terribly water resistant in any official capacity with a rating of IP53, which is one of the downsides in comparison to other high-end competing handsets. Someone recently did a water test, though, and found that Google’s new smartphone held up pretty well to water exposure, including water submersion. Of course, we’re only seeing the short-term effects … Continue reading

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